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Frank Oberacker

Early porcelain

Oberacker Frühes Porzellan
Weckmarkt 11
60311 Frankfurt/M.

Tel. 069-29 72 36 65
Fax 069-29 72 36 70

My art dealer’s shop concentrates exclusively on German porcelain of the 18th century. Accordingly the shown selection ranges from early dishes parts of the manufacture Meissen with Chinoiserie-, Kauffahrtei-and Kakiemondekoren, to canmaker’s figures up to selected dishes, figures and groups of smaller German manufactures.

Study of history of art in Mainz and Hamburg with the main focus on the art of 18th and early 19th century. In 1997 entering the art trade founded by Rolf Oberacker in 1979 who was dedicated to the porcelain of the 18th century right from the beginning.

Support of collector and collections.
Making of exposes and reviews of objects of my field.
Mediation of adequate objects.
Presence on different trade fairs in the federal territory.

Meißener double handle mug, teapot and sugar bowl with „Kauffahrteiszenen”, about 1728-1735